Former Brexit MP DAVID DAVIS reveals the low-carb diet that helped transform his health

A year ago, after I resigned from my Cabinet job as Brexit Secretary, I had a routine medical. The doctor frowned at my blood test results and recommended a liver scan.His instincts were right. The scan showed that I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), caused by a build-up of fats called triglycerides that can progress to advanced liver damage. If I didn’t change my ways, I would be on the way to type 2 diabetes.NAFLD can be almost imperceptible until it is too late. Many of our modern illness blights — metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes — seem to have their origins in this silent killer.I was not entirely surprised by the diagnosis. A government minister’s lifestyle is never healthy. Being driven everywhere rather than walking, long days without time for exercise along with endless dinners and cocktail parties made me put on 25lb.So how to fix it? My first decision was to get rid of the bulk I’d put on. I set a target of losing that 25lb before Christmas.I started an exercise regimen — a leisurely ten-mile run on alternate days, with 3½ miles of sprint intervals on the other days. It added about 40 miles a week. It failed miserably. I was constantly hungry and did not lose weight.My next experiment was to cut out alcohol. Going teetotal lost me 6lb in two weeks. But the effect plateaued. Failure number two.By then, I’d begun to study the science. I do not like dieting. I have almost no willpower with food. I’ve always viewed diets as failure-prone fads. But I’m a scientist by training and I scoured the internet for every paper on the effectiveness of weight-control regimens.I thought I was familiar with food science. I’d spent most of my business career in the food industry, as an executive of the sugar giant Tate & Lyle. That was some 30 years ago. I had a low opinion of the quality of the food science back then.So I WAS astonished to find that over the past couple of decades, vast numbe ...Read more

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