Record numbers of spiders in UK homes due to warm hot wet weather this summer scientists claim

1) Giant House Spider Size: Up to 12cm wideHabitat: Most commonly found in sheds and gardens.Appearance: Typically dark orange, brown or beige.Doe they bite? They do possess potent venom and can bite, but don’t usually pose a threat to humans.2) Zebra Jumping SpiderSize: Up to 8mmAppearance: Distinctive white and black markings.Habitat: Found on external walls, as well as indoors, where they will enter through open doors and windows.Do they bite? Yes, but like most spiders are more likely to run away from larger prey.3) Cupboard SpiderSize: Up to 10mmAppearance: Can vary slightly from dark purple, to brown to black.Habitat: As the name suggests, usually found in cupboards inside out buildings and houses.Do they bite? Yes, but they are not usually aggressive and the bites themselves have minor symptoms.4) Daddy Long Legs Size: Do vary in size, but can reach up to 45mmHabitat: Lives in a variety of habitats, including forests, meadows, caves, and wetlands.Appearance: Bodies are round or oval in shape, and of course have trademark long legs.Do they bite? Rumoured to be the most venomous invertebrates in our houses, there are actually no cases of the spider biting a human and causing long-lasting damage.5) Money SpiderSize: Smallest in the UK growing no more than 5mmAppearance: In most cases they have grey or black bodies, although some do have distinctive markings.Habitat: Usually found in low growing vegetation and piles of leaves.Do they bite? These spiders are considered so harmless to humans it is believed if such a spider is seen running on you, it will bring with it financial fortune. We'll ...Read more

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