Retired couple found with cocaine worth £1m in their cruise luggage led jetset lifestyle, court told

A retired British couple arrested on a luxury cruise ship with nearly £1million worth of cocaine hidden in their suitcases led a jet-set lifestyle with no obvious way of paying for it, court papers show.Roger and Sue Clarke went on luxury cruises worth £18,000 in two years before their arrest despite living on just £885 a month.A handwritten diary written by retired secretary Mrs Clarke, 71, shows she was in Brazil, flew to Cuba and spent time in the Caribbean.She wrote: 'March 12 2019. 16 days. Fly to Havana, Cuba. Cruise to Philipsburg, St Maarten; St John, Antigua and Barbados; Funchal, Madeira; Malaga, Alicante. Approx £4,000.'The diary was among explosive court papers made public before the couple go on trial on Tuesday in Lisbon, Portugal, accused of drug smuggling over the nine kilograms of cocaine found in their possession on December 4, 2018.The papers show former chef Roger, 72, and his wife will point the finger at a mystery businessman named 'Lee'.The pair, who already have a conviction for drug smuggling on a cruise in Norway, told police the mystery entrepreneur 'of Jamaican origin' paid for their £6,800 Caribbean cruise.Mr Clarke claimed the businessman asked him to pick up empty new suitcases in St Lucia and then buy exotic fruit that could be sold for a 'massive profit' in the UK.The Clarkes, from Bromley in Kent, were arrested by Portuguese police acting on a tip-off when their cruise liner MC Marco Polo docked in Lisbon.Officers discovered cocaine hidden inside the lining of their four travel cases in cabin 469.The pair were asked if they were carrying anything illegal and 'immediately' said 'No,' the court papers reveal.The Clarkes, who have been held in separate prisons in Portugal for the past nine and a half months, face up to 12 years in prison if convicted of drugs trafficking.The court documents paint a fascinating picture of an elderly couple combining a seemingly run-of-the-mill lifestyle of bingo, golf and the occasional meal out with friends with a remarkable number of cruises to exotic locations.A Portuguese police report said: 'There is ...Read more

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