Netflix fans heap praise on 'amazing' new miniseries Unbelievable

Streamers are giving rave reviews to Netflix's new limited series Unbelievable and passionately urging others to add the show to their own watch lists. The eight-episode miniseries, which premiered on September 13, follows the true story of a series of rapes that took place in Washington state and Colorado between 2008 and 2011.The story — which includes the infuriating way that detectives didn't believe one teenage victim and charged her with making a false rape report — has captivated audiences, with many viewers saying the show should be required viewing for anyone who doesn't understand why so many victims don't report rape in the first place.Unbelievable is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning article published by ProPublica in 2015. It recounts how an 18-year-old named Marie bound and raped at knifepoint in Lynwood, Washington in 2009.However, when police presented her with inconsistencies in her story — 'bullying' and 'hounding' her — she eventually recanted. They then charged her with false reporting, and she took a plea deal the entailed counseling, probation, and paying court fees.Marie's rapist went on to rape five other women before getting caught, and later the officers who charged her investigated and found to have 'coerced [her] into admitting that she lied.'That story plays out in Unbelievable, which has clearly struck a chord with many viewers.Many are enraged on Marie's behalf, and are pointing to it as the ultimate example of why so many victims don't report rape and sexual assault. 'The first episode made me so angry and ppl wonder why so many never go to the police. Watching that girl go through all of that was so sad smh,' wrote one Twitter user.Many are saying that it should be required viewing and may help rape skeptics better understand what the aftermath of a rape is actually like for victims.'The first 15 min of #unbelievablenetflix should be mandatory watching for all the a**hol ...Read more

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