Woman runs marathon in just over three hours pushing her three children in a STROLLER

A Montana woman known for running while pushing her three kids in a stroller has unofficially broken another world record while competing in the Missoula Marathon. Cynthia Arnold, 35, from Polson, Montana, made headlines last year after she ran a half marathon during the Missoula Marathon while pushing her three kids in a stroller.She came back to the race this year to hit an even tougher goal, running the full marathon with her children alongside her and earning another Guinness World Record title in the process. In order to earn the Guinness World Record title for the marathon run, Cynthia had to finish the race in under four hours and 10 minutes. She also had to run with a camera attached to her stroller. Cynthia crushed this goal and finished the race at three hours and 11 minutes, according to Women's Health. This means she ran the 26.2-mile race by completing each mile around seven minutes and 29 seconds, making it an astounding time to achieve all while pushing her children. When speaking to MTN News, Cynthia confessed the race this year was no small feat.  'The kids are a year heavier, and I was feeling that,' she said. 'The stroller felt really heavy this year.' Her three children — ages six, four and one — together weighed 130 lbs. Then the added weight of the stroller made it an astounding 185 lbs. she was pushing across the finish line.  'The neat thing that happened this year was that there were a lot of spectators who knew what I had done last year and that I was going for the marathon this year, so there were a lot of people there saying things, personal things, actually addressing me about it, and that was a neat experience and really touching,' Cynthia continued. The mom-of-three also had the challenge of keeping her children happy throughout the lengthy race, which she anticipated to finish in about three to four hours. Super mom! The woman also push ...Read more

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