Internet users puzzled over backlash against WHSmith selling pink and blue calculators

Twitter users are baffled after WHSmith are criticised for selling pink and blue calculators - with one asking 'are we missing something?' * Twitter users have shared their confusion over backlash towards WHSmith * The shop supplies two identical calculators one pink and the other blue * One Twitter user posted a picture criticising them on a toy sharing page  * Internet users shared their views, with many confused at what the problem was    By Monica Greep For MailonlinePublished: 21:22 BST, 16 September 2019 | Updated: 21:23 BST, 16 September 2019 Twitter users have shared their confusion over online backlash criticising WHSmith for selling two identical calculators, one pink and one blue.   An independent games design and retail company based in the UK, posted a picture of the calculators with the caption 'seriously' and tagging in WH Smith and Casio.While another toy company Let Toys Be Toys retweeted the post to their Twitter feed.Social media users were quick to share their bewilderment at the post, with one asking if they were 'missing something' and another claiming: 'If it doesn't say 'boys' and ' girls' - is it an issue?However, Let Toys Be Toys, fired back arguing that the fact the calculators were coloured differently creates 'alternative signposting for girls/boys' and feels it creates a 'divide' between the genders. One user wrote: 'If it doesn't say 'boys' and ' girls' is it an issue? Pink and blue are popular colors among both genders. And they have other colors looking at the photo so it's not just binary. I'm sorry is there something I'm missing? By all means let me know.'The page replied: 'Yes, pink a ...Read more

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