Starting with Firefox 74, new releases will arrive every 4 weeks

Mozilla has announced that it will begin shipping Firefox releases every four weeks in the new year. To prepare for the new release schedule, the firm is slowly closing in the gap over the next few releases, bringing the cycle down from seven weeks to six weeks, then five weeks, and finally to four weeks. The process will be fully shifted a four-week cycle with the release of Firefox 74 which is due on March 10, 2020.According to the firm, the Extended Support Release (ESR) schedule will not change, and it expects to release a new major ESR release every 12 months with a 3-month support overlap allowing for upgrades across businesses. The next major ESR releases are slated for June 2020 and June 2021.Discussing the new release cycle, Ritu Kothari and Yan Or from Mozilla, said:> “Shorter release cycles provide greater flexibility to support product planning and priority changes due to business or market requirements. With four-week cycles, we can be more agile and sh ...Read more

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