Sudan’s leader: Disaster if US sanctions not lifted

Sudan’s prime minister on Thursday warned of disastrous consequences for his country if the world doesn’t help get its name removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, thus ending the accompanying sanctions, Anadolu Agency  reports.Addressing a forum on the Sudanese economy in the capital Khartoum by UK-based Chatham House, Abdalla Hamdok said Sudan is at risk of failing if the US doesn’t take its name off the list.The terrorist listing and sanctions “have so many implications for progress” for Sudan including such areas as investment, he argued.If Sudan fails, the fallout in the region will be worse than the effect of the situation in Libya, Syria, or Yemen, he added. Sudan’s Hamedti: We have no political detainees Hamdok, who is leading the transitional government in Sudan, warned the country is ...Read more

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