Iran nuclear deal can be saved by goodwill not sanctions – Slovakia’s IAEA hopeful says

The 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the remaining signatories can still be saved after the US withdrawal but Iran must return to the full implementation of its commitments and in return be offered some goodwill instead of sanctions, the Slovak candidate to head the United Nation’s nuclear agency said on Thursday, Reuters reported.“The remaining parties, so-called E3+2 countries including China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom, that are still committed to the deal should find a way to help Iran in this difficult situation (to show) that deals should be honoured,” Marta Ziakova, who is running for the post of International Atomic Energy Agency (IEAE) chief, told Reuters.“Iran hasn’t got much for keeping its part of the deal so far but it has to return to the full implementation of its commitments under the deal,” she added.Tension has risen between longtime foes Tehran and Washington since last year when US President Donald Trump quit the nuclear pact and imposed sanctions on the Islamic republic that were lifted under the agreement. READ: EU warns Iran the nuclear deal is on life support In retaliation for the US “maximum pressure” policy, Iran has gradually reduced its commitments to the pact and plans to breach it further if the European parties fail to keep their promises to shield Iran’s economy from US penalties.“It was very unfortunat ...Read more

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