UK govt gave green light to passport photo checker IGNORING fact it would fail people with dark skin - report

The UK government deployed its passport photo checking system despite knowing the technology had problems identifying people with very dark and very light skin, a Freedom of Information request (FOI) has revealed. Documents made available in response to an FOI request from MedConfidential, a campaigning group for confidentiality and consent, shows that the UK Home Office went ahead with the facial recognition system despite their own research throwing up major issues with it.> User research was carried out with a wide range of ethnic groups and did identify that people with very light or very dark skin found it difficult to provide an acceptable passport photograph. The UK government concluded that despite the failings, the “overall performance was judged sufficient” and decided to use the automated photo checker regardless, the New Scientist report.Also on Sajid Javid backs facial recognition tech, as privacy campaigners launch legal actionSince deployment, some u ...Read more

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