Do ya think it's silly for Rod to drop his sexiest songs?

NO by Emily Hill, novelistEven by rock star standards, I was pretty awful,’ Rod Stewart once admitted. And, although he was talking about his track record with women, it could also apply to some of his lyrics.Now 74 and happily married to his third wife, Penny Lancaster, a grandad several times over and a knight of the realm, Sir Rod is reflecting on his past and thinking better of some of it.Not wanting to fall foul of the #MeToo movement, he’s banned certain songs from his repertoire, especially when singing at lucrative corporate gigs.And he’s quite right to do so.Have you really listened to his lyrics? Take Hot Legs, a textbook example of how women were objectified in 1977. ‘Hot legs you’re well-equipped/Hot legs oh your p***y’s whipped/Hot legs I just love your lips,’ he croons, while comparing a lover to ‘an alley cat,’ pointing out that she’s 17, asking her to ‘bring your mother too’ and wondering ‘are you still in school?’ It’s all, in a word, gross.If young fans were to hear the songs he doesn’t want to perform in front of them, they would surely be repulsed.Rod’s No 1 single Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? was always a bit of a joke, but the lyrics of Tonight’s The Night (‘Don’t say a word my virgin child/Just let your inhibitions run wild’) simply aren’t funny.Who wants to be remembered for songs that people snigger at? Some older fans may feel horrified that their idol is seeking to self-censor, but I think Rod’s sensibly doing what most women hope men will do following #MeToo: reflecting on his past behaviour towards women and improving it as much as he can.Clinging on to his grosser offerings will only distract future generations from falling in love with his beautiful, evocative voice on the music that should endure.This move is going to help his legacy. After all, who wants to be remembered for songs people snigger at?YESby Julie Burchill, author and broadcasterThe moment I heard that Sir Rod Stewart was ‘cleaning up’ his musical repertoire because he feared falling foul of the #MeToo movement, I nearly spat out my suggestive breakfast banana.Sir Rod is also taking this move to ensure he continues to clean up at super-lucrative corporate and private performances.But what a terrible ...Read more

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