3yo child miraculously survives fall from balcony as it lands on passing rickshaw (VIDEO)

A three-year-old child has survived a fall from a 10-meter-high balcony in India, suffering no injuries whatsoever, after it landed on the back seat of a rickshaw, which happened to be passing below at that exact moment. The incident in the Tikamgarh district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was caught on CCTV, and has gone viral since Friday, with Twitter users lauding the perfect timing, calling it nothing less than a miracle. Many, however, wondered how it could have happened in the first place and where the boy's parents were.> #WATCH Tikamgarh: A child fell from a building on a rickshaw that was passing on road below. Child's father Ashish Jain says,"He was playing on 2nd floor with family members. He fell from railing after he lost ...Read more

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