Leave nothing behind? US forces DESTROY own airfield, equipment as they flee northern Syria (PHOTOS)

Retreating US troops have bombed their base and landing strip near the town of Tell Tamer in northern Syria, and destroyed equipment at another one. Hastily abandoned facilities have previously caused embarrassment for Washington. The airfield in Syria’s Hasaka Province, located at the Turkish border, was capable of accepting large military transport planes and helicopters, SANA news agency reported.Well, not anymore, as the Americans blew the airstrip up – probably to stop the rightful owners of the land from using it. Syrian Army has previously entered Tell Tamer, according to Damascus, just as the US troops were withdrawing. Also on Coming back to another warzone: US troops leaving Syria will find ‘home’ in… western IraqThe Americans have also reportedly blown up a radar on Mount Abdulaziz as well as some of their facilities in Hasaka, before heading out towards the Syrian border with Iraq.The Turkish military and the Kurdish forces are currently fighting not far from the location of the former base in Tell Tamer. US President Donald Trump has ordered the US troops to withdraw from Syria “as safely and quickly as possible”, so ...Read more

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