Democrats Talk Foreign Policy, Health Care, Taxes and Trump During Fifth Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON - Facing off in their fifth debate, Democrat presidential candidates clashed over foreign policy, health care and taxes. But before candidates could get to the issues, they weighed in on the explosive testimony in the House impeachment hearing."We cannot simply be consumed by Donald Trump if so we will lose the election," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. (D-VT) Among a crowded stage of 10 Democrat candidates, it was President Trump who united them."Donald Trump doesn't want me to the nominee," said former Vice President Joe Biden. "That's pretty clear, he held up aid to make sure of that."The candidates focused on a post-Trump America while sparring over who deserves to challenge him next year."It is a criminal enterprise engaged in by the President, the Vice President and chief of staff," said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). "We have to establish the principle that no one is above the law," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) said. Some even want to change the law when it comes to health care. "The reason I insist on Medicare for all who want it as the strategy to deliver on that goal we shar ...Read more

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