'Hands-Off' Our Religious Freedom: New Index Reveals Americans Want the Government to Keep Out

Mark Rienzi, president of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty appeared on Wednesday's edition of CBN News' Faith Nation to talk about the Religious Freedom Index. Faith Nation is seen weeknights on the CBN News Channel.  For a programming schedule, click here.  Even though Americans these days seem to be divided politically, a majority of Americans support religious freedom, according to a new study released Wednesday as part of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty's first Religious Freedom Index.The Religious Freedom Index is a comprehensive study that uses rigorous scale-construction methods to track trends in perspectives on American religious freedom, according to Becket, a non-profit, public-interest legal and educational institute with a mission to protect the free expression of all faiths.According to the index, even after decades of religious freedom being pulled into the culture wars, Americans accept and support a broad interpretation of religious freedom. This year's Index shows the strongest support in the Religious Pluralism dimension, with a score of 80. This dimension deals with the basic rights to hold unique beliefs and to worship according to those beliefs without facing persecution. The Religi ...Read more

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