CA Raided 'Teen Rescue', Trying to Close Christian Boarding School - Here's What the Court Said

A northern California Christian boarding school has won the first legal battle in its fight to remain open.The River View Christian Academy (RVCA) is located in rural Shasta County in Northern California and is operated as a ministry of Teen Rescue, a religious non-profit. Judge Tamara Woods of the Shasta County Superior Court has issued a tentative ruling denying the state of California's motion for a preliminary injunction, in which the state sought to force the school's closure. Judge Woods expressed her concern with the First Amendment implications of the state's demands. The state wants to re-label the school as a "community care facility" and put it under heavy regulation by the Department of Social Services. The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) says such action would violate the school's religious mission.It all started back in January when the RVCA was raided "Waco style" according to PJI attorneys. The raid was based on internet rumors about school housing drugs and weapons ...Read more

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