'My Drug of Choice Today is God': Former Drug Addict and Alcoholic Goes from Powerless to Empowering Others

DALLAS, TX – Michael Molthan doesn't shy away from talking about his painful past of drug and alcohol addiction. On his talk show called, M2-The Rock, he shares how he went from building homes to being homeless."When I had the homebuilding company my behaviors were getting worse and worse," Molthan told CBN News. "My consequences were getting worse and worse."Molthan was arrested on a drug charge in 2009. "I had a large amount of cocaine in my truck," he explained. "I was intoxicated, and I was arrested. And I'll never forget that when they took me down to the jail, I had my very first mug shot." Hitting Rock Bottom 26 mug shots later, Molthan hit rock bottom."When I look back, that's how the word powerless – I'm powerless over this deadly disease," he said.Feeling agitated, anxious, and facing three years behind bars, Molthan underwent a spiritual encounter after an inmate asked him to read to him. "I grab this book from a gang-banger, a black panther, and he used it as a pillow," he explained. "Brand new book and it was the Living Recovery Bible, New Living Translation. Now, these are black words on white paper at the time. They're not meaning anything to me. Next thing I know, four days have passed by and I started thinking about this and I go, four days just went by and I wasn't anxious. I wasn't in fear. I was calm, and I was at peace." Life-Changing Moment Later that night, he experienced another life-changing moment."I couldn't breathe," he recounted. "All of a sudden I felt all this trash and hatred and anger and resentment and everything just coming out of my body like flies. All this stuff was just coming out. And I just took this breath and I just go something magical happened and I was full of love, and looking around I loved everybody."That love motivated Molthan to begin holding Bible studies be ...Read more

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