As UN Warns Earth Reaching 'Point of No Return', China Ramps Up Coal Production

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the world's efforts to stop climate change have been "utterly inadequate" and that global warming could pass what he called the "point of no return." Guterres made those remarks Sunday before the start today of a two- week international climate conference in Madrid, Spain. There's a lot of disagreement about whether so-called climate change is a manmade problem. Critics say there's not enough evidence to prove that humans are changing the atmosphere as opposed to other factors like solar cycles since the sun is the source of earth's heat.Many climate activists are trying to get the US and other western countries to cut carbon emissions, but that would do little to change what's happening in developing countries.For example, the conference comes as China is doubling down on its support for coal. China burns about half the coal used around the world every year and reports indicate it will build new coal plants in the next few years that can generate as much powe ...Read more

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