Churches Work with Non-Profit to Forgive Millions of Dollars in Medical Debt

DALLAS, TX – Thousands of Americans go bankrupt each year because of medical debt. The issue consistently polls as a top priority for 2020 and presidential hopefuls are taking advantage by pushing to reform a health care system that often sends patients home with surprise medical bills.Bernie Sanders plans to eliminate all of America's medical debt."I am sick and tired of seeing over 500,000 Americans declare bankruptcy each year because they cannot pay off the outrageous cost of a medical emergency or a hospital stay," Sanders said in a statement. Medical Debt Forgiveness is Already Being Done – by the Church Under his plan, the federal government would negotiate and pay off billions in unpaid medical debt held by collection agencies. It's a great idea, but here's the thing – it's already being done. Not by the federal government, but by the church."We were able to, in partnership with RIP Medical, to wipe away a little over 10 million dollars in debt," Covenant Church Senior Pastor Stephen Hayes told CBN News.On Easter Sunday last year, Hayes congratulated his church for erasing the medical debt of community families and veterans. Covenant Church Pays Off Medical Debt for Families Within a 20 Mile Radius "So Covenant, because of your...without me even saying a thing, or raising extra money, because you've already been so generous, we had money set aside in our benevolence fund, our missions fund, because you gave above and beyond what was needed 4,229 families this week will be getting a letter in the mail, within a 20 mile radius of every campus, saying your debt is completely gone," Hayes told his congregation. Get this, it only took a $100,000 donation from Covenant Church to wipe out $10.5 million in debt. If you're thinking the math doesn't quite add up, you're correct. Covenant teamed up with a no ...Read more

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