Bald Eagle Flies Away Unharmed After Smashing Through Glass Window in VA

A bald eagle smashed through the window of an H&R Block business office in Virginia Beach Monday morning. WVEC-TV in Virginia Beach reports the office was empty at the time of the incident and the bird appeared to be unharmed. > WHAT!? A bald eagle is hanging out inside H&R Block in #VirginiaBeach. It broke a large window to get in. #13NewsNow> > — Ali Weatherton 13News Now (@13AliWeatherton) December 2, 2019The animal hung out near the window for a while then flew off, leaving a large hole in the glass. It's not clear why the eagle crashed through the window, but there was an incident in January in this area in which a sickly bald eagle died after being found in poor condition at a golf course, according to WAVY-TV .And this isn't the first time this year that a bald eagle has made US news for smashing through a window.Back in May, an eagle with an 8-foot wingspan crashed through someone's window in Alaska aft ...Read more

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