'Miracle Baby': Sportscaster Reveals Star Ohio State Running Back Was Almost Aborted

FOX Sports announcer Gus Johnson broadcasted a staggering detail concerning the very life of an Ohio State running back ahead of their game against Michigan Saturday. Without warning, Johnson revealed that star player J.K. Dobbins was almost aborted, before his mother changed her mind and decided to keep him. FAITHWIRE:  Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues Epic Response to ‘God Put You in a Wheelchair’ Tweet“J.K. Dobbins’ mom Maya became pregnant when she was 18 years old,” Johnson said, according to LiveAction News. “She went to the doctor because she was thinking about aborting the baby, but changed her mind.”As the cameras panned across to Dobbins, Johnson added: “That baby turned out to be that young man, J.K. Dobbins, who she calls her miracle baby.”As for the game itself, Ohio comfortably defeated Michigan, with Dobbins himself being heralded as the standout player.“The Wolverines couldn’t figure out how to consistently contain him — despite even taking off one of his shoes mid-game — and once he broke away from defenders, he was gone,” read a game report at For The Win.The report went on to tout him as a potential Heisman Trophy winner — the award presented to the outstanding player in NCAA football:> “ With his standout performance in the regular-season finale, he reminded the college football world why he’s a Heisman Trophy candidate (albeit an outside one in a very crowd field that includes two of his teammates). He finished Saturday’s r ...Read more

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