House Lawyers Spar with Each Other, Lawmakers During Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing

The House Judiciary Committee has made the first move since Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement on moving forward with drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump.  While those articles are expected to be released later this week, Democrats and Republicans on Monday took what could be their final opportunity to plead their cases to the public. For the House part of this impeachment process, the end could soon be near. Both sides hope to finish strong and win in the coveted court of public opinion as they plead their cases.The Judiciary Committee heard testimony from both Democrat and Republican lawyers involved in the Intelligence Committee's hearings. As was expected, the testimony was split along party lines. "President Trump's actions are an impeachable offense," Barry Berke, Democrat counsel told the committee. "To impeach a president who 63 million American people voted for over eight lines in a call transcript is baloney," countered Steve Castor, GOP counsel. Tensions flared between lawmakers at many points throughout the day's hearings. "For the next four hours, you're going to try to overturn the results of an electio ...Read more

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