A screenshot from Google Street View shows a street sign that reads Comet View Court. (Google Maps/Screenshot)

The Menifee City Council last week voted to officially change the name of a street in the Sun Ranch community from Comey View Court to Comet View Court.

“We were asked by the members of the public to fix something, and Councilmember [Bob] Karwin brought it to us, and we did everything we can do and we’re gonna make that fix,” Mayor Bill Zimmerman said. “So that’s your government in action.”

The issue came to a head last summer when city workers changed out the street sign from Comet View Court to Comey View Court. For the city, this change was simply a matter of fixing a nearly 20 year old error that impacted emergency and postal services.

“The staff is unsure if this happened by a subcontractor of the developer and not checked by the county or how that occurred,” Steve Strapac, the city’s principal engineer, said at the Jan. 17 council meeting. “Sometime after that, there were discrepancies with the [U.S. Postal Service] and emergency services experiencing difficulty locating Comey View Court versus Comet View Court.”

But the residents who live on the road maintained that the city had made a mistake by changing out the sign. Following the council’s January discussion over the issue, the residents circulated a petition calling on the city to officially change the street name to Comet View Court.

“We’d like to say thank you for taking into consideration the petition that was sent out,” Rebecca Stewart, who lives on the street, said. “We thank you for also taking the time to review the mistakes that were made by whomever, and we’d also like to say we appreciate your changing that as expediently as you are, because we were having some real issues with our private mortgages and insurances and taxes.”

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