An image of the “We are Perris” mural at the intersection of 4th and “D” streets in downtown Perris.
In 2021, the city of Perris unveiled the “We are Perris” mural at the intersection of 4th and “D” streets as part of its public art initiative. The city is now expanding that initiative with its new Utility Box Art Program. (Courtesy: City of Perris)

The city of Perris is accepting applications for its new Utility Box Art program, which seeks to support local artists by installing original artworks on existing utility boxes throughout the city.

“With the Utility Box Art program, it’s just another avenue to support local artists and cultivate city history and the diverse culture throughout Perris,” Stephen Hale, public information officer, said. “And, at the end of it all, just kind of to beautify the city.”

The first phase of the program will focus on utility boxes located in the city’s downtown area:

  • City Lawn: North “D” Street (two at this location)
  • Foss Field Park: 138 N Perris Blvd. (two at this location)
  • Perris Senior Center: 100 N “D” St.
  • Perris Council Chamber: 101 N “D” St.
  • S “D” Street
  • 24 S “D” St.
  • E 1st and S “D” streets
  • E 4th and S “D” streets
  • W 4th and S “D” streets
  • 403 S “D” St.
  • 832 S “D” St.
  • Mercado Park: 925 S “D” St. (three at this location)

According to the application, artwork submitted should incorporate the Perris Art Elements, including the history, culture, legacy, architecture and diversity of the city.

“There’s beauty in art, and there’s beauty in Perris, and how the history and the art of Perris intertwine together is something we’re interested in exploring,” Hale said. “And so, if we can address beautification while also enhancing the public art in our community and telling a story of Perris’ history and culture, I think that’s something that we’re very positive about seeing in the future.”

In order to participate, artists must be at least 18 years old, submit a portfolio of previous work and write a short biography that will be used on the city’s website for promotional purposes. Submitted applications will be reviewed by city staff who will then present them to the Parks and Recreation Committee for selection in July. 

Those whose work is selected will receive a stipend for their participation, and the original artwork will be printed on a vinyl wrap and then applied to selected utility boxes.

Applications are due May 24. More information about the program can be found here on the city’s website.

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