The Riverside County Registrar of Voters (ROV) has officially set the date for the recall election of Temecula Valley Unified School District Board President Joseph Komrosky.

The election has been scheduled for June 4 with vote-by-mail ballots sent to Trustee Area 4 voters no later than May 6, Public Information Officer Elizabeth Florer said in an email to The Record. Florer said the office was in the process of creating a calendar for the recall election that will be shared publicly.

“Personally, I’m pleased with this date of June 4, from the ROV, as it’s right before graduation here at TVUSD, and will happen before the summer is out,” Komrosky said in an emailed statement to The Record. “I believe it will provide the opportunity for better voter turnout as many go on vacation during the summer.”

He said the date would allow him time to reintroduce his values to the community before voters head to the polls and decide whether or not to recall him from office.

“I firmly believe that the people who signed my recall petition have awoken a sleeping giant here in Trustee Area 4, and that I will receive more votes than my previous election,” Komrosky said. “This is because our community wants someone to represent traditional family values like parental rights, and not progressive liberal ideology that harms the minds of our innocent youth.”

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Earlier this month, the TVUSD board voted to request that the election be held May 28 at the suggestion of Board Member Allison Barclay who said at the time that she wanted the date to be one that was most convenient for voters.

“While it would have been nice to have this matter settled before June, I understand and respect the decision of the County Registrar’s Office,” she said in an emailed statement to The Record. “I appreciate that the election will be over before the end of the school year. It will be good for the community to have a break and enjoy the summer with their families.”

Also happy with the date was Jeff Pack, co-founder of One Temecula Valley PAC, which spearheaded the recall effort.

“We are looking forward to a ballot vote that will reinforce this community’s desire to get the TVUSD board back on track working to provide the best educational experience possible for our students, instead of focusing on partisan political culture war battles that have no positive impact on students,” Pack said. “The fact is, this recall ballot item wouldn’t exist just over a year after his swearing in if Joe Komrosky was contributing positively to the school district with tangible results. So, the community had [its] say and they will have their say again on June 4 when they vote ‘yes.’”

Florer said a date has not yet been set for the special election to fill the Trustee Area 2 seat since the board was unable to come to appoint a replacement at the Feb. 13 meeting, though Board Member Steven Schwartz said his hope is that the registrar’s office will consolidate the two elections.

“I would have preferred that [the recall election be] done sooner so we could get back to work, get it over with however it comes out,” he said. “But I do think they should also fill the seat for Danny’s seat at the same time so we don’t have to pay for two elections.”

This story has been updated to include comment from One Temecula Valley PAC.

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