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TN News today celebrates its first anniversary. (Credit: TN News)

TN News, a nonprofit community-first news outlet serving Riverside County, today celebrated its first anniversary.

“In my wildest dreams, I would have never imagined that I would be here celebrating the first anniversary of a news outlet that I founded, but here we are,” Publisher Alicia Ramirez said. “And it’s all thanks to the support of our board, our donors, our newsletter subscribers and readers like you.”

Over the past year, The Record has published nearly 150 stories that span the county from Eastvale to Blythe and everything in between. Our publisher has reported on local government, labor issues, the proliferation of warehouses, the potential closure of the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison and community events.

“Being able to share the stories of Riverside County has been, and continues to be, the greatest privilege of my life,” she said. “Words cannot express my deep gratitude for those who have trusted me with their stories.”

In the past week alone, The Record was the first news outlet to report that the Moreno Valley Unified School District Board of Education voted to fire its superintendent following the announcement of a $27 million settlement with the family of Diego Stolz. 

The Record was also the first outlet to share the story of Great Oaks High School junior Moxxie Childs who has passed out more than 500 pride flags and helped plan a student walkout over the actions of the Temecula Valley Unified School District Board of Education’s conservative majority.

Looking to the future, The Record is working to secure grant funding to support its growth and sustainability. The Record will also be pursuing partnerships with colleges and universities throughout Riverside County to provide aspiring journalists an opportunity to cover their communities (and get paid to do it).

“We’ve got a lot planned for Year 2 at The Record, and we hope you’ll continue to support us,” Ramirez said. “The best way to do that right now is to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter that gets delivered straight to your inbox every Monday.”

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TN News is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news outlet providing Riverside County with high-quality journalism free of charge. We’re able to do this because of the generous donations of supporters like you!

Alicia Ramirez is the publisher of TN News and the founder and CEO of its parent company TN News.