A photo of the city of Eastvale water tower.
The city of Eastvale is continuing its campaign to obtain an independent ZIP Code. (City of Eastvale photo)

After months of advocacy by the city of Eastvale and local, state and federal elected officials, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it would change the 92880 ZIP Code default address line to Eastvale — without the need for a community survey — starting Jan. 1.

“We’ll leverage our connections at the National ZIP Code Advocacy Coalition to try to continue the advocacy in D.C. with the aim of [securing] an independent ZIP Code for Eastvale, since we know that this change did not really solve the issues at the 91752 areas, and we’ll continue to create and develop other innovative methods,” Alexander Fung, the city’s economic development manager, said during the Dec. 13 council meeting. “But this is just great news as we kind of wrap up the year.” 

Currently, the address line for the 92880 ZIP Code defaults to Corona. And while Corona will remain as the alternate address line for the ZIP Code, Fung said the change will alleviate some of the problems Eastvale residents have experienced.

“When Congresswoman Torres first began representing Eastvale at the beginning of this year, city leadership and city staff and the community came to her and expressed just how important this issue was, and she knew it needed to be a priority of hers,” Bryan Milligan, a representative for Congresswoman Norma Torres (CA-35), said. “So after months of hard work and collaboration, Eastvale will now receive the proper recognition under the 92880 ZIP Code, reducing confusion for families, seniors and small businesses.”

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The city has been working to secure an independent ZIP Code since its founding in 2010, but up until this point has only received pushback from USPS due to cost and logistical concerns for the agency. Approximately 80% of residents fall within the 92880 ZIP Code, with the remainder in the 91752 ZIP Code.

“When we first started this, we were teasing, ‘Oh, it’s gonna take an act of Congress.’ It very well could take an act of Congress to get this done, but 91752, we haven’t forgotten about you.” Councilmember Todd Rigby said. “We ultimately want to do something for our entire city, but we have to take what we can get when we can get it.”

Issues caused by the city’s lack of a unified ZIP Code involve difficulties with emergency management and public safety, business attraction and retention, insurance rates and community identity.

“We’ve continually been a city struggling to let people know our identity, and this is a big part of that, it means a lot,” Mayor Christian Dinco said. “And so this is a great step forward.”

In other council action: After a brief, but tense discussion, the Eastvale City Council unanimously voted to appoint Christian Dinco to the role of mayor and Mike McMinn to the role of vice mayor for the next year.

A video of the meeting can be found here on the city’s website.

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